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Group Hypnosis and Family Hypnosis Sessions

NLP Hypnosis Centre. London, Ontario. Canada.

Group Hypnosis and Family Hypnosis Sessions. English: nlphypnosiscentre.ca Spanish: hipnosis.ca Phone: 519-495-6405. ohidalgo@nlphynosiscentre.com Business Hours: Monday to Friday. 9AM – 5PM. Home visits available during business hours and Saturdays and Sundays, 1-9PM. (Same rates within London area). Session cost for individual is $75+HST/hour. If you pay for more than one session at the time you get a discount. More information here The regular cost for group sessions: 2 people: $37+HST/person/hour. 3-8 people: $25+HST/person/hour. We are willing to negotiate depending of the number of participants and the group […]

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