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Who is Olivier Hidalgo? Who is Olivier Simo?

Olivier Hidago. NGH Certified Trainer.

Olivier Hidalgo was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. His parents, the Medicine student, now Doctor, Dr. Olivier Hidalgo Quirós, from Ciudad Quesada, Costa Rica, and his mother Yolanda Mijango Ramos, Secretary.  Olivier Hidalgo’s, Olivier Simo, parents divorced and they both married again, and that’s why in his student years at the Marist School, Champagnat, in Santa Tecla, El Salvador he was known by Olivier Simó Mijango, by my father Camilo Román Simó Leiva.  Olivier Hidalgo, Olivier Simo, has family in Mexico, Costa Rica, Belgium, Spain, USA […]

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How do I become a Certified Hypnotherapist in Canada?

Olivier Hidago. NGH Certified Trainer.

First it is important to answer the following questions? What is a Certified Hypnotist? What is a Certified Hypnotherapist? Do they all use the same hypnosis, or it is different? Let’s begin answering the last one … they all use the same technique, hypnosis. Hypnosis, in a simple definition, is a technique that takes you into the Hypnotic State, some times called Trance, a state of total concentration, a state of high suggestibility. The Nation Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. (NGH) created the title “Consulting Hypnotist” for those […]

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What is HYPNOTZ?


What is HYPNOTZ? Be aware if you see a car with this plate. Ponga atención si ve un automóvil con esta placa. The person driving works at NLP Hypnosis Centre, he might hypnotize you and help you feel better, happier and with more inner peace. La persona que lo maneja trabaja en NLP Hypnosis Centre, podría hipnotizarle y ayudarle a sentirse mejor, más feliz y con mayor paz interior. Olivier Hidalgowww.nlphypnosiscentre.ca HYPNOTZ is an abbreviation we use for our car plate for NLP Hypnosis Centre. NLP Hypnosis […]

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NLP Hypnosis Centre. Hypnosis For Confidence,

At NLP Hypnosis Centre we strongly believe confidence lies at the core of every success that you encounter in your life, from little joys to big ones; we wouldn’t have achieved it if we didn’t believe in ourselves. Having said this it is important for us to know the other side of the story. It is a truth that not many of us are truly confident of ourselves, of our skills and of our talents. We often find ourselves blindsided by sudden bouts of nervousness and anxiety […]

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The Power of Hypnosis.

NLP Hypnosis Centre - Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis for Confidence and Relaxation.

There are many of studies that have shown how the power of hypnosis can be used to create amazing changes in your life from alleviating pain to creating new behaviours. Hypnosis has worked for millions of people in the past, continues to work for millions today and it will probably work for you also! Are you hypnotizable? Can anyone be hypnotized? First let’s define what hypnosis is? Hypnosis is a technique that takes you to the hypnotic state. A state of total focused concentration. You put your […]

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Self Hypnosis Secrets

NLP Hypnosis Centre_Inner_Peace

Hypnosis is total focused concentration, and many hypnotists and hypnotherapists say all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. At NLP Hypnosis Centre we teach our clients how to use the power of the main, the subconscious, to enjoy self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is the ability to access your subconscious. Self-hypnosis is also termed autogenous training. Self-hypnosis procedures follow various methods to accomplish a certain objective. One can easily get into a sate of mental visualization or self-induced brainwashing with the help of self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis can be learnt and practiced by any individual […]

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Self Hypnosis – Power Of The Subconscious Mind

NLP Hypnosis Centre - Olivier Hidalgo - Hypnosis - Meditation - NLP - Reiki - Ho'oponopono

At NLP Hypnosis Centre we says … Hypnosis is total focused concentration. Self-Hypnosis is hypnotizing ourselves …. Is that posible? Yes, it is possible. Have you ever found yourself wondering what Self Hypnosis is all about? Have you been intrigued by the success stories you have heard, but never thought you could benefit from it? Various people may have various reactions to self-hypnosis, however the fact remains that it is fast emerging as a field of science which can prove beneficial in successfully addressing a myriad problems […]

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Learn Self Hypnosis

NLP Hypnosis Centre - Hypnosis for motivation and success.

Posts At NLP Hypnosis Centre we teach our clients self-hypnosis and hypnosis. Hypnosis is total focused concentration. Is the ability of accessing our subconscious mind. To put aside the Critical Faculty also called Critical Factor, in a temporary way, and accept positive suggestions. Hypnosis is a proven method of deep relaxation that is used for creating inner changes in our thoughts, emotions and habits. It is also a medically recognized tool for controlling pain and reducing stress. Most hypnotists also mention … all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The […]

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Get Results From Self Hypnosis

NLP Hypnosis Centre - Mind - Body - Spirit

NLP Hypnosis Centre. Located in downtown, London, Ontario. Canada. 3 keys for self-hypnosis: Set a very specific goal. Enter into the hypnotic state. Give your suggestions in present tense and positive. The most important step in any hypnosis program is setting your goal. Before you even turn a self hypnosis session on you should first have a written statement of your goal. this statement should sum up the result you want to accomplish from listening to the hypnosis session. For an example we will assume you have […]

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Controlling and Managing Your Emotions & Feelings With Hypnosis

NLP Hypnosis Centre - Meditation - Ho'oponopono

What is Hypnosis. Hypnosis is total focused concentration. Hypnosis is the ability to access your subconscious mind, put aside your Critical Faculty (Critical Factor) in a temporary way and accept positive suggestions. What is an emotion? Emotions are body states. Basic emotions: joy, contempt, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger and fear. What are feelings? Interpretations of those body states (emotions). So, emotions are more related the our body. Feelings more related to our mental interpretation. If someone is trying to hurt us … we might experience “fear”, emotion, […]

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