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How does our mind work?


How does our mind work? Let’s start by clarifying that the division of the mind is not really a physical division, but a division of concepts to explain what we know so far. The mind is divided into conscious, subconscious, unconscious … and some add supra or super conscious. Conscious is everything where we currently do not realize what we do. Like for example when we are learning to drive a vehicle, and we have to become fully aware of the position of our hands, feet, the […]

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How is the mind divided?

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How is the mind divided? Let’s talk about the scientific aspect and the mystical aspect. To begin, let’s clarify that the mind is not divided. That the divisions are scientific models to understand but not divisions in reality. In scientific terms we speak of “conscious and unconscious” or “conscious, subconscious and unconscious”. Conscious is all that we realize we are doing. Some suggest it is approximately 10 or 20 percent. Subconscious is everything we do automatically. Our habits, beliefs and when I say beliefs I do not […]

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A Guide To Hypnosis

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What is Hypnosis?  Is Hypnosis Magic, Mind Control or something diabolic or demoniac? Hypnosis is a technique that takes you into the hypnotic state (some times called trance). In the hypnotic state the Critical Faculty (some times called Critical Factor) is put aside in a temporary way. You are able to access your subconscious mind more easily and you accept suggestions more easily. At NLP Hypnosis Centre in London, Ontario, Canada we say … If you can concentration, if you can use your imagination and if you […]

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