The true is out there … and the lies too.

The true is out there … and the lies too.

When we talk about Internet, politics, religion, news and social media we should be careful in believing something just because an “authoritative figure” says so.

Internet is a beautiful example. Basically you can find anything, but be very careful and analyze the information because there is a lot of “lies” out there … and the worst part is that some people take them as the truth.

Think, analyze, discuss … do a good research for second opinions.

For example I know there is a person that based in the Bible, says that the Earth is the center of the universe, that is is the Sun that moves around it and that the scientific community is wrong because the Bible is inspired by God and therefore it has no mistakes. (Actually if you read it you will find mistakes and contradictions). And the worst part is that he has a lot followers who believe him … just because the Bible says so.

So we shouldn’t participate in Internet, politics, religion … social media?

No, not really. That’s not the solution. We should participate and be smart enough to know that … The truth is out there, but also the lies .. so think, analyze before taking someone else words as the truth.

Olivier Hidalgo