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Is Hypnosis Real? Does Hypnosis Work? Uses of Hypnosis?


Is Hypnosis real? Does Hypnosis work? Uses of Hypnosis? Short version … it works. It is real, there are scientific studies that show that hypnosis works. Hypnosis can be very useful in many health problems, physical and mental, such as chronic pain, phobias, motivation, quitting smoking, elimination of bad habits, control of addictions such as pornography for example, reduction and weight control among others. Large version. If you think that hypnosis is that with a snap of my fingers I can make sleep (hypnotize) a person, put […]

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NLP Hypnosis Centre. Hypnosis For Confidence,

At NLP Hypnosis Centre we strongly believe confidence lies at the core of every success that you encounter in your life, from little joys to big ones; we wouldn’t have achieved it if we didn’t believe in ourselves. Having said this it is important for us to know the other side of the story. It is a truth that not many of us are truly confident of ourselves, of our skills and of our talents. We often find ourselves blindsided by sudden bouts of nervousness and anxiety […]

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