An analytical person cannot be hypnotized. A person with strong mind cannot be hypnotized.

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I have a very strong mind, very analytical. I went to a hypnosis presentation and they couldn’t hypnotize me. I cannot be hypnotized.

Is the above a valid conclusion?

First. What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a technique that takes you to the hypnotic state. A state of high concentration. A state of total focus.

I always say … if you can concentrate, use your imagination and follow instructions, you can go into hypnosis.

In general. Everyone can go into hypnosis.

Does the above mean that I can hypnotize anyone?


That a person is not hypnotized by one or several hypnotists does not mean that person cannot enter into hypnosis, it simply means that he could not do so with those hypnotists.

I have heard a lot … I am very analytical, I have a very strong mind, nobody can control my mind, I have a very strong willpower … nobody can hypnotize me.

The above presumes as certain premises that are false.

It is false that only people with low intelligence or easy to control can be hypnotized.

Hypnosis is not mind control.

Hypnosis is no special power.

Hypnosis is not a supernatural power.

If you visit my office in London, Ontario or if I visit you at home, my intention is not to control your mind, my intention is to teach you how to use your mind in a more efficient way and with greater benefit to you.

Hypnosis is a technique …. for the technique to work you must follow the steps, follow the instructions and fulfill conditions such as concentrating, using your imagination, establishing a positive relationship between hypnotist and person to be hypnotized.

In principle, nobody can hypnotize you without your consent. Certainly there are ways to influence your mind in disguise as it is done in advertisements, religion, politics, TV and social media.

If you are very analytical you can certainly go into hypnosis. Likewise if you have a very strong willpower.

Of course, the key is … Do you want to be hypnotized?

When someone asks me and tells me I have a very strong mind. Do you think you can hypnotize me? I always answer, yes of course.

Am I being arrogant?

No, I simply know that everyone can be hypnotized if they want to be hypnotized and I can establish a relationship with him or her. Rapport plays a part.

Have I been able to hypnotize every person with whom I tried?


There are people who do not want to be hypnotized.

There are people who have visited me under pressure from a family member but don’t really want to change their habit or solve their problem.

There are people who have visited me and want to show me that they are very intelligent, or smarter than me and therefore, according to their logic, I will not hypnotize them.

And the vast majority of times in cases where the person has not entered into hypnosis it has been the result of my ignorance on how to connect better with the client or my inexperience with the problem or personality of my client.

If you have a very strong mind, then you just have to apply that force to the process and you will go into hypnosis very easily.

If you are very analytical, simply use that concentration and analysis in the process and you will go into hypnosis.

If you have a very high level of intelligence, the better … it is easier to hypnotize you.

A drunk person or under the influence of drugs cannot be hypnotized for a very simple reason, in these states their level of concentration is very low … and remember, hypnosis is concentration.

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Blessings and Peace Profound.

Olivier Hidalgo